Puccio di Piero men's jewelry Sterling Silver Made in Italy Luxury Design high quality
High quality jewels, innovative and unique designs, tradition and fun. Cufflinks, braceelts, tie-clips, pins, genuine leather bracelets.
cufflinks, bracelets, silver, quality, handmade, luxury, mens, jewelry
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Sterling Silver as main character.

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A love story
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An heritage since 18th Century.

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A brand-name, son of the 80’s.

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Tradition, with personality and fun.

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Simply high Quality

Men’s jewelry. Puccio di Piero, wishes to give an elegance idea without tricks,
showing different sides of his beauty’s concept.

Dear Elegance Lover,

Thank you for directing your glance on these accessories.

I hope that you will wear this item together with a dress that reflects your personality, or with the intention to communicate something that represents your own self. During the drawing and creation of these accessories we try to transfer a concept of beauty that arises from our land, our traditions but even from those experiences that we have learned from the vastity and diversity of this crazy world. With this message we would like to remind you that our handmade jewells have been made with an extreme care for details and finishings.

This is the only way to transfer the warmth and passion conveyed in a really admirable accessory. It gives us enormous pleasure to know that we are appreciated for our taste, a pleasure that comes from sharing among others.

We would like to remind you that our products our proudly manufactured in Italy and therefore branded “Made in Italy”. No business-minded logic will ever separate us from our land, which is abundant of contradictions but on the other hand has a limitless inspirational source.

The manufactoring, as well as all finishings are handmade in Puccio di Piero’s venue in Tuscany.

Our land, is the land of high-quality artisans : people able to make masterpieces in series.

Puccio di Piero is the blending result of different experiences: the base is a family heritage in working precious metals, an art started in the 18th Century. Puccio di Piero’s passion in this work falled in love with his creativity around the 80’s. The concept, the inspiration, comes from a long tradition mixed with curiosity, attraction to diverisity and many different life-experience around the world. So Puccio di Piero collections of men’s jewelry like cufflinks, leather bracelets, tie-bars, money-clips and lapel pins, represent Piero’s genuine expression of love for life.

Warmest regards


Puccio di Piero


Man jewels with semiprecious stones: lapislazzuli, onix, mother of pearl.

Sterling Silver cufflinks decorated with transparent enamels, Swarovski crystals.

Tie-clips, lapel pins, handmade finishings.

Genuine leather bracelets with Sterling Silver clasps.